About DIY Film Gear

Posted by O. Carlisle | 5/26/2008 | 0 comments »

While helping out a couple of buddies research production gear in preparation for making their own no-budget indie, we came to a quick realization that there was no way we were going to afford any of the expensive moviemaking toys that we had on our wish list. Heck, we could hardly afford groceries! :(

After searching for alternatives, it was the resourcefulness of other fellow low-budget filmmakers that saved us! Through all of these different designs for camera jibs, cranes, dollies and stuff, it made us realize that we were one step closer to actually making a movie. Now if we can only afford a RED camera ;)

So in essence, DIY Film Gear is a collection of homemade production gear and film equipment that's helped me and so I'm just paying it forward. Good luck on your film projects and please drop a line and let me know how it's going. I'd love to post your progress! And a piece of advice before you start production...duct tape. Lots of duct tape.